Monday, December 30, 2013

Gingerbread Boys and Chevrons

Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt has me making Chevrons, and I'll show you my progress on them next, but first is a picture of some gingerbread boys. 

On boxing day, we invited some friends and their children to come over and make gingerbread boys with us.  I have a collection of gingerbread boy cutters, and had made up a big batch of gingerbread dough for them to roll out, bake, and decorate.  My recipe uses 14 cups of flour, and I doubled it, so there were a lot of gingerbread boys decorated that day!  A good time was had by all!  (well, except for the gingerbread boys - they got eaten.)

Since my last post was only a dream, (Read it here)  I am making Chevrons this week.  Here are 150 that are finished, in piles of 10:

Next is a picture of the partially completed ones, in a shoe box in the sewing room:

Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year was inspired by the beautiful tile flooring in churches in Ireland.  After looking at the floor tile pictures on her blog mystery clue posts, I am really interested to see how this quilt will look when all of these pieces are put into blocks.  

Bonnie has given us 5 clues, and I hope to be all caught up before the next clue comes out.  Mondays are the linkup days for all of the people making Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt to post their progress on her blog: (Here)

Also, there are lots of projects at Design Wall Mondays over at Judy Laguidara's blog:  Patchwork Times

Happy New Year everyone!  Wishing you health and happiness in 2014!  


traditional_quilter said...

Your chevrons are lovely. Your gingerbread men look delicious! I never had a chance to bake any yet this year! I have been having too much fun sewing units for Bonnie's Mystery quilt. Have a great day!

Andee said...

I know it will be a beauty....I can't wait!

TLC said...

28 cups of flour!!! Your arms must be ready to fall off. Both the cookies and the chevrons look yummy.

Anonymous said...

Gingerbread... yum! Thanks for posting progress on your mystery quilt, it's going to be lovely.

Aunt 'Reen said...

That's a lot of pretty little Chevrons!
Looking forward to seeing how your mystery quilt turns out.

Wishing you a very Happy & Productive New Year!

Kindred Quilts said...

Happy New Year Judy! If Bonnie took her inspiration from the Ireland church floors, it's going to be stunning! Will be watching your progress!