Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My New Little Doll Quilt!

Cathy (blog is here) sent this little civil war quilt to me last week, and today is my birthday, so I am treating it as a birthday present!  Isn't is lovely?

I had seen somewhere on the internet, the idea of using a magnetic towel rack to hang something on a metal door, and this quilt fit the little towel rack perfectly.  It is hanging inside the door, so everyone can see it in my front entry hall.  It's the perfect spot for it, and it looks like it's been there forever.

Cathy's blog has a picture of a beautiful trillium as her header, and trillium are my favorite flowers in the spring.  

Here is a small bouquet from my garden.  They are so delicate, and start out white, then turn pale pink as they start to fade.  

Besides the doll quilt, Cathy sent me a little bag, with a zipper, with a safety pin motif from the fabric on the little zipper tab.  So cute!  I'm just learning to hand quilt, and I'm putting all my hand quilting supplies in this little case.

Also, a third gift!  A little pin cushion.  It is with my other small doll pillows, on the doll chest of drawers in the front hallway, and I smile every time I walk past it.  Such a cheerful addition to my little pillow grouping, don't you think?

It's the brightly colored one in the front!  I love it!  Thank you Cathy, for such lovely birthday presents!   I'm 71 today, and feel my life just gets better and better with every passing year.  I am blessed!


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Well Happy Birthday!!! If I would have known in Shipshe, I would've gotten you a big, yummy, Amish cupcake and sung for you! Well, maybe it's better that I didn't know, since my singing is more than a little off key:) But hope your birthday and year is wonderful and you get to celebrate more than a little!! ps - never would have guessed 71 either!!

traditional_quilter said...

Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with many more. Lovely quilt and extra's from your exchange.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Happy Birthday! Sure love the doll quilt.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Happy Happy again! You are so special, particularly on your special day.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Happy Birthday Judy!
What a sweet little doll quilt - the timing of it's arrival was perfect!

I hope your day is filled with lots of little reminders of how special you are!
P.S. I never would have guessed your age - you look much younger.

Rebecca in AK said...

A Very Happy Birthday too you!!! What lovely birthday gifts!

Lori said...

I love her little quilt and how fun to have a birthday with gifties in the mail!! Happy Birthday!

cspoonquilt said...

Happy Birthday! The doll quilt is really cute, how nice that it arrived on your B-day. I love trillium to they are so pretty and delicate, as you said. I like what you said about turning 71. That's the spirit! Have a wonderful day and year! cheers, Claire W.

Dena said...

Happy Birthday! The doll quilt is adorable!

Cathy said...

I'm so glad you like the quilt. I'm glad it arrived in time for your birthday. Hugs

Sandy said...

Judy, I feel like its "my" birtthday because of what I received in the mail today .... your darling blue pinwheel doll quilt! I LOVE it! And your other little gifties as well. Now to go brag about it on my blog ~ ~

love and many thanks,

ps Happy Birthday (belated) !

belarmina said...

felicidades dos veces !!!
por tu cumpleaños y tu mini es precioso

Judy Hansen said...

For those of you (and me) who are a little rusty on our Spanish, I used Google translate, and this is what belarmina says: Congratulations twice!
for your birthday and your mini is beautiful
Best regards