Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Small Wall Quilt for the New House

Today the little hsts I was working on last week are all sewn into a little wall quilt for the new house in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  When we bought the house, the guest bathroom was painted a purplish brown, (or maybe a brownish purple.)  Anyway, I thought I would repaint it when we moved in.  But actually, the color is growing on me.  And this little quilt will look great in that room.

The quilt has 16 broken dishes blocks, each finishing at 3 inches. The sashing is 1 inch and the outer border will finish at 4.5 inches.  The outer border fabric is a similar brownish purplish color as the walls.  I can't wait to take it to the new house and see how it looks there.  Thank you again to my friend Mary Jane Gantzler, for the little fabric triangles.  They finally have a home.

I am recovering from pneumonia, and am feeling much better.  The snow is so beautiful here, but since I'm sick, I only take pictures of it from the car, and otherwise I stay inside.  Here's a picture I took Sunday of the woods:

Doesn't it look like someone had a snowball fight and hit all the trees with snowballs?  Maybe the deer had a snowball fight in the woods.  We came upon about 6 of them playing in the roadway just after I took this picture.

Are any of you going to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Newport News, Virginia this week?  It's February 26 - March 1st and I will not be there, but I will have two quilts on display.  Say hello to them for me if you go! 

My two will be in an exhibit of quilts made by The Churn Dashers, a group I am in.  We make replicas of civil war era quilts.   I will have a doll quilt and a bed quilt, both made from baskets exchanged with others in the group.  I wish I could be there to see the show, as it is always a good one.

This picture was taken before they were quilted (taken from the balcony of the cabin).  The quilter was Joyce Brenner, and she did an excellent job.  

Even though it's Tuesday, I will link-up with Judy Laquidara's Design Wall Mondays, because I like to go there and see what others are working on.  

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Rebecca in AK said...

I love you little broken dishes quilt. Tiny HSTs! An interesting color to paint a bathroom. Love your basket quilts! I am hoping your are recovering and feeling better!