Monday, May 11, 2015

Redwork Progress

One of my three girls gave me a bouquet of tulips, and I picked a lilac from her yard.  The flowers are now at home in an old vase that was my Mother's.  It is a very appropriate remembrance of my Mom on Mother's Day.  I miss her-especially our telephone chats.

Last week, I bought a fuchsia hanging plant, and they remind me of my sweet mother-in-law.  She always had one or two fuchsias hanging from her front porch for the hummingbirds.  She treated me just like a daughter, and that is what I try to do with my daughter-in-laws.  They are daughters to me.   Here's my fuchsia:

Here's an update on the Redwork quilt that I am making, with a lot of help from Dee, my best friend.  Here are two newly finished squares.  We have 84 squares planned for the quilt, and are now past the half-way point.  The squares are 11" by 11" right now, but I may cut them a little smaller later.

Needles, Thread, and a Thimble


Also, I just finished a Redwork patriotic piece that I am now going to put some patchwork around.  My friend Sharyn Woerz cleaned out her sewing room and gifted the pattern to me, and I plan to make it into a crib-sized quilt with a patchwork border.  The pattern is part of a monthly series and is available on the web.   This one is probably the July design.  Thank you Sharyn, it has been a fun Redwork project, and I got lots of comments from people when I was working on it in public places.

Fourth of July Parade

The Redwork is fairly large, and I cut the white fabric larger,  to give some space around the embroidery.  The fabric is cut 25" by 30" right now, and will make a nice crib sized quilt.   I'm looking forward to adding the patchwork. 

Pinwheels maybe?  Red and white, or red, white and blue?  Four patches? Hmmmmm...I love the planning and thinking part of quilt making too, don't you?

It's Monday, and time to see what's on other quilter's design walls.  (Link)


Karen said...

I like the thistle design. Also the patriotic kids.

JoAnne said...

You know I love the patriotic piece! All your work is lovely. I have a lilac in my new yard--I'm so excited. They remind me of my grandma.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful redwork. I miss my mom too and a lot has to do with our daily phone calls.