Saturday, January 30, 2016

Replica of 1862 Crib Quilt and Why I Made It

Sometimes people ask me who I am making a quilt for.....and I feel guilty when I say I'm just making it for the pleasure of making it.  I see quilts on the Internet that I love, and think......I'd love to have that quilt, but it's not possible.....But I can make my own version of it!

So that's why I make quilts - to have my own version of some of the lovely ones I see on the Internet.

When I was working on the snowball blocks for the quilt I blogged about last week, (Here) there were lots of small triangles left over from the corner cuts.  I asked the other members of The Churn Dashers to give me their leftovers too, if they were throwing them away.  So I set out to find a quilt that would use lots of small half square triangles.  I found this one (Here) and loved it.  I love the borders and how they are added.

Screen Shot from internet of the Quilt I like:

Then, after I started making it, I discovered that Barbara Brackman had posted about this quilt on her blog. (Here)  and again (Here) and again (Here)  Very interesting!  Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian and her blog posts are very informative.  Was it made in 1862?  We will never know for sure.  The original sold for $5,938 at auction, and measures 32.25" by 38.25".

Here's the story of my progress in making this quilt:

I started by printing out a copy of the quilt, and cutting the picture of the triangles into 5 sections, to concentrate on one section at a time.  The original quilt had notes somewhere that said the hsts were 1 inch, but when I did the math, it would make the quilt smaller than the original, and when I looked at making it with hsts that were 1.25 inch finished, the quilt would be slightly larger than the original.  I suspect the original had triangles that varied from 1 inch to 1.25 inch finished size.  Since the triangles I had left over were able to be trimmed to 1.25 inch size, I went with that size.  My completed quilt measures 38" by 45".

Here are the top two sections on my design wall:

Picture of the back:
While making small triangles, I press everything open to make it a little less bulky with so many seams.  

When I had the four largers sections of hsts together, I added the red, white and blue borders on three sides.  Then I made the "flags" of red and white stripes, and appliqued stars on the blue sections:

One final seam would connect the "flags" end to the four hsts section.  But I had a problem in that the "flags" end section was narrower than the hst section.  I remade the flag portions and made the red and white stripes a little wider. But then the opposite problem appeared: the "flag" end section was wider than the main hst section.  I decided to remove the blue stripe on the top and the bottom of the main hst section, and replace it with a much wider blue stripe, and then after the "flag" end section was attached, I could whack off the blue stripe part that was wider then the "flag" section just attached.  I hope you are following me on this.  It was a hit and miss way to do it, but it worked.  I was not about to make the two flags a third time.

Here is a picture of the complete top showing the blue stripes at top and bottom that are a little bit wider than they were on the completed quilt.  Picture taken just before I cut them down to the size of the "flag" end.  

As you can see the blue stripe on the sides of the quilt are wider than the end blue stripes, but after trimming them, it wasn't too much different.  

I embroidered 1862 in the corner of one flag to match the original, and then added my label on the back with January, 2016 as the date the quilt was made.

My replica was finished last week, and has now been sent off to be displayed at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  The show is open February 25 - 28, 2016. so if you are in the area, go and say hello to it.  I will not be able to be there.

It was a lot of fun to make, and I look forward to hanging it in my house for patriotic holidays, once it gets back to me. 


  1. this is a lovely quilt--both for its historic interest and also that you made it from "leftovers"!! I'll bet the original maker used scraps, too...great finish--hugs, Julierose

  2. I am working on a big scrap quilt with 1.25" finished HST too, called my "Lifetime Quilt" though it us so much fun i'm really making great progress. Love yours.

  3. Congratulations on making and finishing such an amazing quilt. I love that you saw the design and then recreated it for yourself. I think a lot of us make quilts because we love them so much and could never afford to purchase them completed; also for the fun of creating something for our own enjoyment.

  4. Your quilt looks very much like the original. I like it very much.

  5. I love your version of the quilt. It's wonderful!

  6. You did a wonderful job recreating a really interesting quilt. I like the way you shared your process in making it, too.

  7. Your process is so interesting. I've never thought of printing a copy of the original! What a help for value placement.
    Once someone who collected miniatures of houses, dolls, and other tinies asked me why I make so many quilts, and why does anyone need them. If I'd been in a snarky mood, I could have told her that my quilts have a purpose, at least!
    Your rendition is a treasure! Just love it.

  8. LOVE IT!! I also have that same quilt picture made thinking - someday... Great on getting it done. Wish I could go and say hello to it at the show!! :)

  9. That is an amazing quilt! What a great reproduction. Love all the hsts and the historical reference.

  10. Wonderful little quilt ! Friendship

  11. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us. Great piece;beautiful work!

  12. What a great job. Also thank you for the idea about cutting photo into 5 main parts. What a fantastic idea!

  13. What a great project and great result. I enjoyed reading about your whole process!

  14. What a great project and use of "recycled" material! How did you end up quilting a project with such small pieces?

  15. I saw your quilt at the show and LOVE it!! I may have to make this myself. I just love little bitty half square triangles.


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