Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward......And Life Goes On

When I last blogged, I posted a picture of a block ready to assemble into a 6 inch square:

When I began putting the half square triangles together, I discovered that I had trimmed them all to 1.5 inches, instead of 1.25 inches.  The thought of picking up all of these little hsts and trimming a quarter of an inch off of each one did not sound like fun, so I started over with more fabric and made new hsts, trimming them to the correct measurement.  It is easier to pick up a larger hst and trim it down than it is to pick up a teeny hst and trim it even teenier. I did the re-do using all the same pink and brown fabric, so it looks different, but I like it.  I will use the above hsts in another block in the future.

Here is the final block:

The Post Title applies for the robin family that I told you about in the last post.....the four babies were suddenly only one, and we don't know what happened to the others.  Then, when the grandchildren were here Sunday, we got the ladder out to look at the lone baby left in the nest, and while I was taking his picture, he leap out of the nest, sinking to the porch floor below.  He is not quite big enough to fly.  I scooped him up, replaced him in the nest, and we hoped for the best.   All is good; he is thriving with lots of feedings from the parents, and will be leaving the nest on his own any day now.   And life goes on.

Here's my picture of the baby robin just before he jumped.   I'm not going to bother him again!

I'm linking with the Patchwork Times blog, even though I'm a day late for "Design Wall Mondays".  But as today's post is titled, it's par for the course.  Two steps Forward, One Step Backward.....And Life Goes On!
Link:  Design Wall Mondays - August 1, 2016


Charlene S said...

Both blocks are pretty.

Karen said...

Sew that first block together and save it for a kitchen sink quilt later on.