Monday, February 25, 2013

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia

Here are two quilts that I liked from my Saturday trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia, both made by the nationally known quilter, Mary Chalmers.  The first one won a ribbon for the best use of embellishments on a traditional quilt.


It's a fan quilt, made of wool, and wool blend scraps, and the embroidery on it is so beautiful.  I stood and admired it for a long time.  I took some closeups of some of the centers of the fans, shown below.

The embroidery is a different design around the outside edge of the fan shapes, and each circle center is a different design.  Just beautiful!

Next is another striking quilt called Summer Wedding, also made by Mary Chalmers, and it was inspired by a 1930's quilt:

I hope you enjoy today's pictures from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.  There will be more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Enjoyed them very much. Gorgeous quilts. Amazing stitchery on that first one.
    And I just love red and black together!

  2. I saw that fan quilt yesterday and have to say it was one of my favorites at the show.
    the workmanship was just amazing, beautifully done


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