Thursday, February 28, 2013

Women's Right to Vote - Block of the Week

I've caught up with the blocks for Barbara Brackman's block of the week with the historic theme of women's right to vote.  Interesting history story each week (Here)

Week 23: Girl's Joy:  An Ounce of Persuasion

Week 24:  True Blue:  Too Smart
Week 25:  The Carrie Nation Quilt
Week 26:  Ladies' Wreath:  Mourning for Mother
I have really enjoyed using cheddar and black on these squares, and learning more history about the women's right to vote journey.

Today is the last day in February, and it really flew by.  In March, I plan to finish some doll quilts and show them to you.


  1. The cheddar and black make a very striking block--in any combination. They are all great!

  2. Love the fabrics in all of these blocks! Looking forward to the doll quilts you will be showing us in the next month... March, already!

  3. what a stunning color combination!

  4. great blocks, I love cheddar so these blocks talk to me!

  5. Lovely blocks and such a terrific color scheme!

  6. I love the way your colors have gone together. Love the blocks, too! Thanks!


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