Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Button Quilt

This has been a very full two weeks, very full of everything but quilting!  But I'm back home now, and am happy to report that my sister is doing much better!

There have been questions in the past about my header quilt, and today I will share more about it:

The quilt measures 22 x 35 inches and the squares are one inch.  It is a memory of the fun I had as a child, sifting through the buttons in my Mom's button box, and was made the year after my Mom died, in 2007.  I had seen one in a button shop in St. Charles, MO, years ago, and this is a copy of that quilt.  I found this picture below on the web, and it may be of the quilt from the shop in St. Charles, MO.  I don't know for sure.

It is quite heavy, so I haven't hung it on the wall, but I usually put it over a table top, for display.  I had fun picking out old buttons from Mom's button box to sew onto this quilt.  Hope you enjoy reading about it today.

Very snowing conditions yesterday for my drive to the airport, and then the de-icing procedure and other delays caused me to miss my connecting flight, yada, yada, yada, everyone on the plane was in the same situation, so we all made the best of it....I was very grateful that I was flying away from the winter weather.  Here's a picture I took from the plane:

Here's a picture of my labrador retriever, Sally, who is very glad I'm back home.  

Hubby is very happy to have me back home too!  Today I dashed off to Hampton Roads to take in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show, and before I left, he asked me if I was going to buy anything.

I said I wasn't sure, but I did ask him just how much he had spent this past week on his latest golf know, as just a ballpark figure to give me some idea of how much I could spend at the quilt show.  hehehe


  1. Gotta love that Lloyd...put his putter where his mouth is didn't he

  2. Thank you for sharing the history of your button quilt. Good comeback to hubby.

  3. Love that button quilt. What a wonderful idea!
    Oh, I wish my DH had a hobby so that I could use that comeback on him. : )

  4. Enjoyed the story of your button quilt. It is such a cute quilt and I can identify with the enjoyment of picking out all the buttons.


  5. love this quilt and the story behind it.
    had to laugh at the question , good one!
    how was the show?

  6. It's a beautiful quilt and a lovely, touching tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing it. Ady

  7. I've been wondering about your sister, and am so happy to hear she is doing well!

    I love the story of your button quilt-- what a lovely tribute to your mom, too.

    Lloyd took it like a man, I suppose. You know-- whining and sullen? Just kidding-- I know he's too good a guy for that!



  8. What a wonderful way to display your mom's buttons! And that was the perfect question to ask before the quilt show!

  9. Wow! This is such a great idea! I have old family buttons. I may have to do this too someday!


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